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The War Years

The second world war had a significant impact on the life of the Congregation. More than 100 men and women from the congregation joined the armed forced and those who stayed at home established a church branch of the War Comforts Fund. The Rev B.L. Semmens became the district Air Raid Warden and had the responsibility of supervising the blackout drills in the wider community. In many ways the war brought the church into greater prominence in the community, as it increasingly became a focus for community activities.

At the beginning of 1943 a Youth Council was formed that brought together leaders from the Sunday School, the Scout Troup, the cricket club, the tennis club, the Christian Endeavour, the Young Ladies Institute, the Young Men's Institute, the Girls Fellowship and the Young Women's Missionary Movement. The Youth Council began by organising youth teas every two or three months and young people from other churches as well were invited.

1941 - The Highfield Scout Troup
Officially the 19th City of Camberwell Scout Troup, outside the Sunday School Hall.
The Scout Master (centre of the front row) is Mr G. Collins. He was one of many to enlist.