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The Bible

We believe that the Bible provides everything needed for our salvation and for the salvation of the world. The Bible does not provide all things needful for science or for any other branch of human learning, but it does give us all that we require for our ultimate well-being with God.

We hold the Bible, a repository of many types of writings, as true, because it bears witness to the one Word, Jesus Christ — the Word who is present in the life of the Church from age to age. If we read the Bible responsibly and in community together, with awareness of the dynamic presence of the Spirit, God will be revealed to us as holy Trinity, as life, salvation, hope, and joy.

At the same time, our faith combines deep loyalty to the Bible with respect for the experience of the Church over the centuries, the testimony of prophets, martyrs, saints, scholars and reformers. For us, this rich heritage has its source in the Bible, and looks to the Bible for inspiration, direction and challenge.

The biblical witness requires of us devoted study and creative endeavour in order to interpret God's word for the times. The Bible is the 'treasure in earthen vessels', the diamond of revelation in which we see truth in its multiple facets, the ultimate being that of Christ himself.

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